WordPress Websites

WordPress Websites.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress, in the right hands, is the best website format. Here is why:

WordPress was first launched in 2003. At that time, it was a fairly simple Content Management System (CMS), designed for blogging purposes. Even as recently as a few years ago, many web designers thought of WordPress as a CMS best suited to blogs, and chose Joomla or Drupal for business, commercial or professional websites. This has all changed!

WordPress is capable of acting as the backbone for all kinds of websites. It’s now used by Samsung, Forbes and CNN. WordPress has retained its ability to be easy to use and update, and the features list has grown exponentially. Menu configuration and media handling are two good examples of things that have got steadily more powerful with no sacrifice to usability. Wise enhancements in new versions of WordPress are what has made the platform evolve into a great CMS for all types of websites.

Mostly, we love WordPress because updates just keep coming. While sometimes keeping on top of updates feels like a never-ending job, (just ask Don, who does most of this at DevineDesign!) it also makes for a system that’s constantly evolving and improving, with new functions being added all the time. Because it’s open source software, no single company holds the rights or the reins. This allows more choice, more flexiblity and more longevity. At NO additional cost.

WordPress is inherently SEO-friendly, giving your site the best chance of good search results. For DevineDesign.com, that’s the biggest reason to use WordPress.