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Your business just got a bad online review

Bad Online Review: What To Do Next

Your business just got a bad online review.
What do you do now?

It just doesn’t matter how amazing you are or how perfect your business is. If you work with the public, you’re going to get a bad online review from time to time.

What do you do about it?

Ask for it to be taken down?
Throw a hissy fit?
Write a response berating the reviewer?

No, no and no.


Don't Steal Photos

Don’t Steal Photos from Google

That’s all we have to say. Do not do it. You absolutely, positively cannot just take any image you find on Google and use it on a website or a blog post.READ MORE

Update Your Website

Update Your Website: Why It’s Essential!

Update Your Website: Why It’s Essential!

There’s no more cost-effective way to promote your business than on the internet. A website makes your business, company or organization accessible to anyone with a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.READ MORE

Website Content: Keep It Fresh.

Website Content: Keep It Fresh.

Keep it Juicy.

Imagine going to The New York Times website on Monday. The news is interesting and relevant. Then, on Thursday, you visit again. Both days, the news articles are exactly the same. Weird, right?

You pass Lord and Taylor’s windows. They are interesting and cool. Next week, they are exactly the same. The week after… no change. Soon, you’re going to stop looking at the windows. Bad move, right?READ MORE

What Makes a Good Website

Website Design Hudson Valley NY

What Makes a Good Website?

Many things make a website work:
how it loads, how it looks, how it functions, how it searches. At, here are some of the website rules we try to follow when creating websites for clients in the Hudson Valley, and beyond.

What’s the Purpose?
Foremost, good web design meets the needs of the user. Are you looking for information, to buy something, to learn something, to hire someone? Each page of your website needs to have a clear purpose. READ MORE

Website Facelift Time?

Website Facelift Time?

How many times have you looked at your website and said “Uggh? Outdated pictures of staff, products you no longer offer, events which have long since come and gone, prices that are ten years out of date. It’s time for a website facelift.READ MORE

How to Hire a Website Designer

You want a new or renewed website. How can you get one?
With thousands of website designers and developers, from individual freelancers to huge agencies, how do you choose the right web design and website development company?

There are many things to consider. The first step: visit their websites.


Small Business Website Design

Small business website design is our specialty! We create websites that work for the small and medium sized businesses that make up most of our esteemed clients. Here are some guidelines we feel make our websites work hard for our clients.

1. Who Are YOU? Clearly state your name and sum up your products or services right on the homepage.READ MORE

Update Your Website: New Year New Website

Update Your Website

Update Your Website

If you depend on your website to bring you business, to market your brand, or to inform your clients and customers of services, changes and offerings, you need to update your website regularly and change the look every few years.READ MORE

Small Business Saturday Orange County NY

Small Business Saturday Orange County NY!

Orange County NY Small Business Owners:
Here’s a no-cost, no-strings, little obligation invitation to help promote small businesses across Orange County NY.

On Nov 26, 2016, Shop Small Saturday, agree to giveaway or raffle off an item of your choice (or more, if you choose) to customers who shop with you that day or that week. No strings, no cost to you. This event is annual, and it’s become a great way to encourage people to shop local and increase local revenue.READ MORE

Google Alerts

Google Alerts: If you have a business, you need Google Alerts. If you’re a human being, you need Google alerts.
Set up a Google Alert for your personal or business name, and anytime someone uses your name/ company name on the internet, Google alerts sends you an email. This is particularly useful to watch any online reviews that might be an issue for you.READ MORE

Website Updates Maintenance Security Wordpress

Website Updates Maintenance Security WordPress

Website Updates Maintenance Security WordPress:

Hacking and malware have become rampant. It’s a serious problem for website owners, developers, and hosting services.

Nearly 1 million new malware threats are released EVERY DAY.


Google Robocalls

Google Robocalls: I Just Got a Robocall from Google. Is it Really Google Calling?

Google Robocalls:

I Just Got a Robocall from Google. Is it Really Google Calling?

No, it’s NOT Google.

Here’s what Google says about these telemarketing calls or “Google Robocalls”:

Watch out for parties calling and selling services claiming to have a special relationship with or claiming to be Google. Often, these parties are telemarketers that are not affiliated with Google and are trying to leverage the Google brand to sell your business some type of online service. Keep in mind the following:

  • Google Robocalls: Google does not place robocalls.
  • Google does not call to “update your front page listing” or ask you to “claim your free website.”
  • Google does not charge for inclusion in Google Search or Places.

If you’re continually being contacted by a telemarketer claiming these things and are on the do not call list, file a complaint at the National Do Not Call Registry.


That’s one mighty UGLY (type) face!

You work in this biz long enough, and you get to know a lot of faces. Typefaces, that is. We love the fact we now have a bazillion faces to choose from, and the list is growing daily. With all those purdy faces out there, you gotta wonder WHY WHY WHY in the name of humanity and all that is sacred in the world,  do people select some really butt-ugly, hard to read fonts for their logotypes and literature?READ MORE


Business Networking Rockland County NY BNI Member

Business Networking Rockland County NY BNI Member

DevineDesign has been a BNI® member for over three years. We’ve found BNI helps us find new business and new leads- BUT it also helps us focus on our business in a way we never had time for, previously. READ MORE

Cat Computer Mouse.jpg

Why is a Mouse Called A Mouse?

Why is a Mouse Called A Mouse?
When asked who named his most famous invention, Doug Engelbart recalled, “No one can remember. It just looked like a mouse with a tail, and we all called it that.” The wire “tail” originally came out under the user’s wrist.READ MORE

Blogs improve SEO

Blog Posting SEO Ranking

Blog Posting SEO Ranking: We get calls all the time from business owners looking to improve their SEO or search rankings on their websites. When we talk about adding a blog or news section as part of the plan, people always ask:

“Will blog posting really help my SEO ranking?”

YES! Yes it will! In fact, blogging, or writing short informative, keyword rich articles, is probably the easiest, most cost-effective way to improve your search rankings. If your site is done in WordPress, like sites by DevineDesign, lucky you! You’re already set up for the best blogging platform around.READ MORE

Hudson Valley Website Design

Hudson Valley NY Website Design

Hudson Valley NY Website Design and beyond. Devine Design specializes in easy to use, nice to look at, fast loading websites that are viewable on any devise: smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Our clients include businesses, organizations, and other types of groups. Our portfolio of websites includes sites constructed for libraries, chambers of commerce, restaurants, small, medium and large businesses, houses of worship, industry, service organizations and many, many more.READ MORE

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Business Pages Facebook is the second most popular website on the internet, right after Google. That’s significant, because people who visit Google are typically looking for information/ to find another website, while Facebook is a place people spend on average twenty minutes per visit. 20 minutes. That’s HUGE! READ MORE

WordPress Websites

WordPress Websites. Why use WordPress?
WordPress, in the right hands, is the best website format. Here is why:

WordPress was first launched in 2003. At that time, it was a fairly simple Content Management System (CMS), designed for blogging purposes. Even as recently as a few years ago, many web designers thought of WordPress as a CMS best suited to blogs, and chose Joomla or Drupal for business, commercial or professional websites. This has all changed!


Devine Design uses Dropbox for file storing and sharing with clients. It’s great for getting to your documents and photos no matter what computer, phone, or tablet you’re using. READ MORE

WHY is junk email called Spam?

SPAM is the trademarked name of a canned meat product (“spicy meat and ham”) that was first produced by Hormel Foods Corp. in Austin, Minn., in 1937 and became widely known from its use by U.S. Armed Forces during World War II.READ MORE