10 Steps To Building a Great Small Business Website


Your website should work hard to bring business to you.

Here are some basic steps we follow when designing any business website.

1) Use text that’s short, to the point, and honest.

Your text should always answer the visitors’ question: “What can you do for me…today?”

2) Use quality content that is optimized for search engines.

SEO is a set of practices applied to a website to help search engines index and rank your website. The aim is for your website to be found on a basic Google search.

3) Research your competition to see how they designed their site.

Your site should be different, better than theirs.

4) Research your target audience.

Who are they, what are they looking for?

5) Use crisp/beautiful and or unexpected photos/graphics.

Compressed and optimized images. If your website is bloated or slow, people won’t stay, and Google will penalize your ranking.

6) Use easy-to-read fonts in colors that are easy to read.

7) Stay on-brand throughout your website design.

Colors, logo, tone, and more. Keep it consistent.

8) Use an intuitive navigation/menu structure.

Your menus must allow users to get in and find what they’re looking for.

9) Use obvious call-to-actions /buy now/contact forms.

Let your potential customer contact you with ease!

10) Keep your website up-to-date and add content regularly.

A website needs to change to keep Google indexing/ranking your site and to keep people coming back for more!

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