3rd Party Website Access Authorization Form

  • Devine Design assumes no responsibility or liability for deleted files, or modified plugins, deletion or loss of content, creation of incompatibilities that crash or cause issues on your website or introduce security vulnerabilities, etc., when such problems result from your actions when accessing the Wordpress website backend or your cPanel account. All troubleshooting, repairs, recovery, etc. as a result of 3rd party actions (Wordpress admin or cPanel actions not conducted by our company), is outside of Devine Design’s current agreement with your company / organization (legal owners or representatives). Any changes made or problems created that require our intervention in order to remedy, or attempt to remedy problems, will be billed accordingly. Any additional requests for technical support will be billed accordingly. Requests to move information away from our hosting services after we provide you with full access to the Wordpress backend or hosting account via cPanel / FTP, is also billable by Devine Design.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.