Handshake Photos… Ugga

Handshake Photos

To me, nothing says phony like a stock image of a handshake.

I resist with every fiber of my body when a client asks for a handshake photo to be placed on a website or some collateral materials.

They make me cringe. Yet, the stock photo companies offer them. Lots of them. And they range from awful to terrible. Plus, they all have gag-worthy titles like “handshake of two happy businessmen” or “cheerful black and white partners handshaking over office desk” or “multiracial businessmen handshaking starting finishing negotiations” or “successful businesswomen shaking hands”

Why am I ranting about handshake photos?

Because they are so trite, so expected, so overused. We know you’re in business, and you probably want to make some business deals. We know you’re a networker. A chamber member. But please, can you find another way to graphically show it?

Certainly, we can figure out other images/graphics/ icons that are not so overcooked.

Thank you. I feel better now.


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