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  • How We Work
        Your initial deposit of $1500 begins the work.
    • Project Milestones & Completion: Each phase of this project shall include a sign-off process, whereby you, the client, signs off /approves the work that has been completed. Any amends & revisions requested after sign-offs are completed will be quoted and billed separately. The project schedule will be determined by mutual agreement.
        • Submission of Required Materials: Please send us photos/ text as soon as possible, via email, Dropbox link, Google Docs, CD or thumb-drive. Content needed to create /redesign your website must be delivered to us asap, so we can meet your project milestones and completion dates.
        • In-Production for Review: First, we prepare a graphical look and a few of your web pages, in production mode. You will be sent these working pages for review, editing and critique. You send us your edits/ changes. We then make changes and tweaks as required, and resubmit to you. Website training will be scheduled at an agreed date/ time during this phase.
        • Sign Off/Payment/Launch: Upon your formal approval/sign off of the in-production mode, balance is due. When balance is received, all emails/ forms and the entire website are thoroughly QA tested. The site is then launched.
        • Keeping on Track and Schedule: If your review, editing and critique is not provided to us within 90 days of your receipt of your site in production mode, your balance will be due immediately, payable in full, via PayPal or Credit Card. We will finalize the site when materials are submitted. This keeps everyone on track, and sites get launched on schedule!
        • Additional Tasks/Services: After sign off on the final phase of work, any requests for additions, changes, amends, etc., will be quoted based on custom development costs. Additional services will be custom quoted separately or billed at our hourly rate of $95/hour.
        • On Going Support: If we're providing Partner Packages on retainer, you'll receive that invoice 15 days after your website is launched. This is the best way to keep your site fresh/ updated and secure.
        • Liability: DevineDesign will not be held liable for your unrealized business objectives. Our attorney insisted that we add this sentence. It means that if you expect your website to sell a billion widgets a day, we wish you the very best, but we cannot be held responsible for your company’s sales or success.
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