Set Up Google Alerts for Business and Yourself

Google Alerts

If you have a business, you need Google Alerts. If you’re a human being, you need Google alerts.

Set up a Google Alert for your personal or business name, and anytime someone uses your name/ company name on the internet, Google alerts sends you an email. This is particularly useful to watch any online reviews that might be an issue for you.

Delivered Right To Your Email

In fact, this blog post will trigger a Google alert for my Google Alerts query term “Devine Design”. In a day or so, I’ll get an email, from Google telling me that my company name was used online.

Set It And Forget It

Google Alerts lets you indicate how often you would like the results delivered to your inbox. You have options: once a week, once a day, or as it happens. As it happens may deliver the results to your inbox multiple times a day depending on how often your terms appear in the news stream, so if this is likely to be annoying, don’t choose it. I don’t find that it actually sends me an alert the day I post an article using the term Devine Design, but it does within a day or so. And it’s free. So you can’t argue with that!

Google Alerts Save the Day

We often set up Google Alerts for our clients. I once got a Google Alert for a client that a disgruntled customer had trash-talked the client with a bad review. Because of Google Alerts, he was able to respond to the person, which softened the online slam. As you know, once something is on the internet, it’s pretty much there to stay, so it’s best to respond. And respond asap to ANY online negative remarks. Unfair as it is, a bad online review can ruin your reputation… fast!

Google Alerts can be set up to follow anything you’re interested in: a business, a person, a specific alien life form. Anything with a name, you’re good.

Click here to set up your Google alerts. Do it. Do it yesterday! Click here to go to Google Alerts and set your up now.