Google Robocalls

Watch out for parties calling and selling services claiming to have a special relationship with or claiming to be Google. Often, these parties are telemarketers that are not affiliated with Google and are trying to leverage the Google brand to sell your business some type of online service.

“I Just Got a Robocall from Google. Is it Really Google Calling?”

No, it’s NOT Google.
Google does not place robocalls.

Keep in mind the following:

Google does not call to “update your front page listing” or ask you to “claim your free website.”

Google does not charge for inclusion in Google Search or Places.
If you’re continually being contacted by a telemarketer claiming these things and are on the do not call list, file a complaint at the National Do Not Call Registry.”

Practically every day, we have a client, typically a small business owner, report to us that they got a call from “Google”.

These callers are actually unethical salespeople from various companies, trying to sell “listing verification” services, to “update your front page listing” or ask you to “claim your free website” among other things. This is not Google. They do not make robocalls.

Keep in mind the following:

It’s easy to mistake them for a real Google representative, because they usually call right after a Google+ Local account is established, and they seem knowledgeable, confident and official.

When asked to clarify what they are selling and who they work for, these “Google” employees will usually hang up, although some claim to be working under contract for Google. Some actually threaten you that your Google Places/ Map will be removed if you don’t chat with them. Hogwash!

What to do when you Get that Call from “Google”

When (not if, you will get called!) you get a cold call from “Goggle” looking to “help you get on page one” just hang up, or ask the name of the company, ask to be put on the do not call list, and file a complaint at the National Do Not Call Registry.

If you have not registered with the National Do Not Call list, a division of the Federal Trade Commission, do so, by clicking here. It takes 30 days to become active.

Good news: registrations on the National Do Not Call Registry DO NOT EXPIRE. If you have previously registered your number, there is no need to register again.

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