New York Times Connections

NYT Connections

Do you play Connections, the latest puzzle game from the New York Times?

I play almost every day. I love this game!

The game tasks you to categorize 16 words into four secret groups by figuring out how the words relate to each other. Sometimes, the four words are part of a recognizable category of objects, descriptions, phrases, or something else.

It’s really fun.

The puzzle resets every night at midnight, and each new puzzle has varying difficulty. Sometimes, the answers are apparent, and sometimes, they are very challenging.

I often play at midnight, when the new game magically appears. Or more typically,  I play at 3 am, affectionately known as Pee O’Clock in my house.

When I open a new game, I typically don’t see all four connections immediately. I click on the one or two sets I can get, then close my iPad and wait until morning to continue the game.

In the morning, I see the game in a new light. Connections that I missed are now clear. It’s weird, but my eyes seem renewed. Connections I did not see or consider before are now obvious.

I’ve experimented with playing Connections at other times of the day to be sure it’s not just my tired eyes/ mind versus my fresh eyes/ mind. But no matter what time of day I try Connections, taking a break and looking at it with fresh eyes makes all the difference.

It’s time I apply this concept to other aspects of my life.

You know what I mean?