Alan C. Mack

Client: Alan C. Mack

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Website for Alan C. Mack, Author, Writer, Motivational Speaker. Website features Alan’s history an bio, book information, reviews, news, info about Alan’s motivational speaking and more. When the book goes on sale in 2022, the site will have links to purchase online.

From The Website:
“The attacks of September 11, 2001, prompted the creation of a robust and deadly special operations force — Task Force Dagger. Alan C. Mack, Callsign Razor 03, led one of two teams of MH-47E helicopters and armed MH-60s. Their two-fold mission – Personnel Recovery (PR) and Unconventional Warfare(UW) involved flying in terrain and weather previously not thought possible. But, if that wasn’t enough, they pushed the flight envelope of their specially modified Chinooks to the limit and beyond.”

Alan lives by his unit’s motto, “Night Stalkers Don’t Quit!” He wouldn’t quit on his unit – he couldn’t quit on his family. This story of success, tragedy, and ultimate happiness is as old as warfare itself. The website features Alan’s book, Razor 03 – A Night Stalker’s Wars
ISBN 978 1 39901 869 2.