David L. Scharf

Client: David L. Scharf

What We Did: Responsive WordPress Website, Website Hosting, Website Updates, and Maintenance.

Website for David L. Scharf, General Contractors and Custom Woodworkers. The site features photos of David’s beautiful work that can be viewed/ sorted by category, bio, contact and more.

From The Website:
“We are a business built on passion. We are general contractors, custom woodworkers, and craftsmen, and we enjoy consistently providing the best possible service to our clients. Our particular expertise is working on older homes; making them energy efficient and technologically state of the art while maintaining the architectural integrity that makes older homes special.

We are at heart, carpenters. We work with a team of sub-trades such as electricians, painters, and plumbers to complete projects and bring our clients’ vision to life. Looking to give your home a little TLC? Let’s talk!”