Client: ECO-PLUG

What We Did: Responsive WordPress Website, eCommerce, Website Text, Logo Refinement, Website Hosting

Website for ECO-PLUG, features great information about the products they invented and sell, videos, links to online and big-box retailers, bio, reviews and more. We worked with Write On Point SEO on this project.

From The Website:
“Transform Your Oil Changes with the Revolutionary ECO-PLUG
Looking to safely and cleanly expedite oil changes?
Need a quick, inexpensive, permanent fix for stripped/leaking drain plugs or oil pan? Are you tired of dealing with hazardous and unsightly driveway oil leak stains? ECO-PLUG is your answer. The first and only threadless, magnetic, universal oil pan drain plug, ECO-PLUG has completely transformed the oil change industry. Its patented design speeds up service and resolves the headaches caused by stripped plugs and pans.”