Fit Play Parks

Client: Fit Play Parks

What We Did: Responsive WordPress Website, Website Text, Logo Creation, Website Hosting, Website Updates, and Maintenance.

Website for Fit Play Parks is a non-profit organization created to fund, build & support outdoor interactive, physical environments that encourage movement, play, and joy. They help lead the fundraising, development and installation of the most practical, beautiful, and forever adult wellness play parks. The concept is adaptable and will add value to any community. Suited for individual memorials, municipalities, corporations and more.

From The Website:
“Our human development comes full circle. The importance of play and movement become just as essential in our later years as they once were in our developing years.

Play and movement benefit the mind, body and spirit while providing refuge from some of the degenerative processes that burden us as we age. Our parks provide the venue for the refuge and the tools to move!”