Client:, Kristy Gaisford, LCSW and Jerry Sander, LCSW

What We Did: Responsive WordPress Website, Website Text, Website Hosting, Website Updates, Logo Refinement, Maintenance.

Website for The site features all of their services including Relationship Boot Camp, After The Divorce Weekend Workshop, online groups and individual sessions, blog posts, testimonials and more. Bold, fun colors and graphics make the website interesting and unique.

From The Website:
“We walk the walk. We’ve both been married. Divorced. And remarried to other people, cultivating happiness after some rough times. Between us, with separate spouses, we have 8 children, along with a few step-children. We are personally familiar with the confusion, heartbreak, upset and loss divorce can bring, along with the real-life complications of children, extended family, step-parenting, and new marriage. We’ve both dealt with the legal system. We both had to learn better relational skills of our own for success in new marriages. We are both now happily married and work on these relational skills every day, week and month. We are no better nor worse than you. And we’ve been where you may be at.”