Marlene Caraballo

Client: Marlene Caraballo

What We Did: Responsive WordPress Website, Logo Refinement

Website for Marlene Caraballo, Reiki master, mindset mentor, and intuitive guide for women. The site features all of Marlene’s services, downloadable Free Start pdf, Book a Free Consult call links, her biography, blog, testimonials and more.

From The Website:
“It’s finally your time to clear and heal. To leave fear & doubt behind. To build confidence and a positive attitude… so you can thrive!

Everything is made of energy and you’re no different. Taking care of your energy, clearing and healing blocks that are stopping you from living with optimism and joy. This is the “work” but it doesn’t have to feel like work.

It can be a beautiful journey, an expansive, soulfully connected experience where you gain the tools, insights and the support that will change how you see yourself and the world around you, for the better.”