Website Updates/Partner Program

Our website Updates/Partner Program packages are a good investment in your business that ensures that your website content is updated regularly, is free from malware, spyware and the like.

We offer three Website Update/Partner Program packages. Click here to see our Packages. All of our packages include a number of services to keep your site safe, secure and loading fast; click for those services.

Our clients find this to be a win-win situation. We keep costs low and the level of service high. We all sleep better. And your website continues to work harder to bring in new business. That’s our mission here at DevineDesign. Your success is what this is all about. Please call 845-783-9291 or email us for further details. Or, click here for our contact form.

Note: No longterm contract is required for any Devine Design Partner package.  We auto-debit your charge card quarterly. 30 days notice is required to end any maintenance contract. Thank you!

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