That’s one mighty UGLY (type) face!

You work in this biz long enough, and you get to know a lot of faces. Typefaces, that is. We love the fact we now have a bazillion faces to choose from, and the list is growing daily. With all those purdy faces out there, you gotta wonder WHY WHY WHY in the name of humanity and all that is sacred in the world,  do people select some really butt-ugly, hard to read fonts for their logotypes and literature?

1) Comic Sans. Every kid’s party place or preschool thinks this is cute and kiddie- like and fun (that’s fun!!! with multiple exclamation marks)  It’s not. It’s just poorly designed, and has bad, bad spacing issues. So stop the insanity now. Check out to see a real rant on this one. Maybe buy a tee shirt for me.

2) Papyrus. Papyrus is supposed to look Middle Eastern, Biblical, scholarly. This was selected as the title font for the movie Avatar. I saw it up there on the silver screen and cringed in my seat. But, the font choice didn’t seem to hinder the movie’s success. To date, Avatar is the highest grossing film ever…$2,782,275,172 and counting. Go figure.

3) Brush Script. Come on. A font is a font. Don’t try to pretend someone is in your PC with little paint brushes. Ugly, unbalanced and ugly. And it’s ugly.

4) Curlz. Unless you’re a 9 year old girl in pink tights, inviting your little girlfriends over for a My Little Pony Party, you have no excuse for using this one.

Ok. I’m done. I feel much better now. Thank you.

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