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Update Your Website: New Year New WebsiteIf you depend on your website to bring you business, to market your brand, or to inform your clients and customers of services, changes and offerings, you need to update your website regularly and change the look every few years. It’s time to update your website.

Like fashion, trends in food and styles of automobiles, your website needs to change and evolve if you expect it to work for you. So, update your website. It’s a New Year, and a good time for a new website.

If you don’t update the look and feel of your site every five years or so, your site probably looks dated, and can’t function well for your business.

Websites have to work
Is your website cross browser compatible, meaning does it work on Explorer, Chrome, Safari and other browsers and versions? Is the technique or programming language outdated? Is your website built with frames or old-school table-dependent HTML? Is your HTML code semantic and well-structured? Some sites still use Flash, making them impossible to view on many devices. Bottom line: Is your site up to date with technology? It must be.

Websites have to be mobile-friendly
A website that looked great and worked fine five years ago simply can no longer do the job for you. As of 2015, a mobile-responsive site is essential because Google actually downgrades your ranking/placement if your site can’t be viewed on a smart-phone or tablet.

Websites have to load faster
We’re all in a rush and are growing more and more impatient every day. Sorry to say, that just 4 seconds is too long for most people to wait for a website to load. Your visitor is gone and has moved on to your competitor if your site does not show in 4 seconds.

Websites have to look good and function well
Fair or not, a potential client’s first impression of your entire business may be gained from a single visit to your website. Does the website provide updated and correct information? A telephone number and email to contact you? A strong call to action? Is the site inviting and easy to navigate?

Build Your Business!
If you haven’t updated your website in a few years, chances are you may be missing out on great ways to build your business, increase sales, market your brand, get better search rankings, and increase your business’ reputation.

Remember, your competition may be updating and upgrading their website right now. Can your website compete with theirs?

At Devine Design, we’re all about websites that WORK hard for your business. Give us a call at 845/783-9291 or email us at info@devinedesign.com, if it’s time for your website to work harder and smarter for you.

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