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Website Design RFP

Request for Proposals, or RFPs, are the most effective way method for companies to solicit services. It is the best way to solicit website designers to bid on your new or renewed website task. A clear RFP makes bidding easier and more accurate for the website agency and makes comparing bids for you more streamlined. Comparing oranges to oranges is always better than trying to compare apples to oranges.

Basic Tips for a Website Design RFP

Here are some basic tips for creating your next Website Design RFP.

1. Do Your Research. What Are the Pages that Your New Website Needs?

Look around at your competitors. Try to get a sense of what pages they have and what pages you might need. Create a basic sample menu. This does not have to be final, it just gives you and the designer a starting point.

2. Budget

Money is finite. Let your designers know your range. This eliminates potential confusion before the project ever starts. It’s like going to buy a car: are you interested in a Kia, a Subaru or a Mercedes? For your website design RFP, include a basic price range or a “not to exceed” price. Don’t be afraid to discuss money. We post our prices right on our website, which eliminates a lot of issues.

3. Deadlines

Your website design RFP should establish all deadlines as clearly as possible. Start date, end date, go-live dates. Especially include any event that may need the new website for promotional/ticket sales purposes.

4. Screen Shot What You Like. Or Send Links.

Besides the structure, it helps to know what look appeals to you. So tool around the internet and look at the good and the bad, even the ugly. What appeals to you/your committee? Widescreen/ full-screen images or not? Long, scrolling pages or not. Many photos or mostly text? Consider including some examples of sites you like and dislike in your RFP.

5. Send your RFP out early.

A good proposal takes time to research and write. Give your vendors at least 2 or 3 weeks to respond. It’s best to include a checklist of items that need to be included in the proposal. These include insurance certificates, business references, samples websites and more.

6. Send an email confirmation when the proposal is received.

Sometimes proposals never receive a RECEIVED conformation. Did it end up in a black hole? Was the email correct? A simple email saying YOUR Website Design RFP WAS RECEIVED is always welcomed.

7. Your Committee… is it too big?

We have run into situations where the website committee is a team of 20. That’s a lot of voices and a lot of opinions. As they say, opinions are like bellybuttons; everyone has one. Committees that are very large are often difficult to work with. So plan carefully. Your website needs to get launched for it to be useful. Having numerous ideas sometimes make a launch very challenging/ almost impossible.

8. Positive Attitude!

Your website construction process should be fun. It should not feel like a burden. So think positively, and have some fun with the process.
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