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Website Facelift Time?

How many times have you looked at your website and said “Uggh? Outdated pictures of staff, products you no longer offer, events which have long since come and gone, prices that are ten years out of date. It’s time for a website facelift.

Fair or not, your business is judged by your website. If your site is out of date, your company looks out of date. Visitors will look, and move on to another vendor.

Ask yourself:

Does your site have any of the following? A home page that says “enter here”? Splash pages? Flash animation? Hit counters? Creeping or buggy text? Bad fonts- like Papyrus or Comic Sans (eekkk!!!) Boxy sites that have narrow, hard-to-read  columns of text? Weird background patterns that may have looked cool 6 years ago, and now look dated? Websites that are not mobile friendly? That’s a biggie, as over 80% of viewers look at websites on mobile devices only!

Each of these is a clear hallmark of a site in need of a facelift- STAT!!!

We help keep your content fresh.

Like bread, content gets stale pretty fast. Keep your messaging interesting, easy to read and add new material whenever your business has something new and newsworthy to say. We write blog articles and news posts for clients.

Here’s what DevineDesign does when updating a website:

• We typically reduce the number of pages. Keep the information easy to read, and easy to find.

• We improve navigation and make your info easy to find and impossible to get lost in.

• We make your site a marketing tool. We use google analytics to allow you to learn more about your customers. It’s free- and invaluable!

• We speed loading time by keeping graphics lightweight. Big images bog down a site. People do not wait.

• We make it look good! We use images, short text and colors that are attractive. Avoid the super trendy.

• We use WordPress as our content management system. Updates are easy and fast. We teach our clients to do updates, so they are in control of their website.

• We help increase visibility on search engines. What good is a site if it can’t be found easily?

• We add testimonials. People read these all the time. They are a great way to establish credibility.

• Post photos of projects, tips, trends, human interest stories. If it’s connected to what you do, it can help for your website’s searchability.

In Conclusion

If you’re wondering whether it’s time for a website facelift, it probably is. Websites typically look good and function well for about 5 years. After that, technology changes, styles change, and a website can look dated. While you don’t have to be cutting edge, you don’t want to look stale either.

Contact us for information on your next website facelift.

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