Your Website is their First Impression

Make a Good Impression

Your business card used to be the face of your business. Not anymore. These days, your company’s website typically provides clients/customers with their first impression of your company.

So don’t blow it.

Prioritize building a website that’s easy to navigate and offers your visitors the information they seek, and encourages them to take the next step… to call or connect or join. Full stop!

Key Elements of a Good Website

When a visitor lands on your home page, they should find two things: what you do/what your services are, and what you want THEM to do next.

Pick a call to action that gets them to that goal, whether it’s a call, a signup form, or a payment.

Here are some key elements we follow:

1) Use a single call to action on your home page to give the reader clear, simple directions. “Click here,” “request pricing,” and “see samples” are all good call-to-action choices.

2) Don’t look like all the other sites. You want to stand out and be memorable. Not freaky, but memorable.

3) Avoid too much text. No one is going to read it anyway. While you need solid text for good Google rankings, keep it as short and straightforward as possible.

4) Use consistent colors. Limit your color palette for text and graphic elements to three colors that are consistent with your brand.

5) Use consistent fonts that match your brand. Choose no more than two sizes and weights for header fonts and just one for body fonts. Too much variation makes a site look cluttered.

6) Use lots of photos. A 50/50 image-to-text ratio is best.

7) What is your point of differentiation? Why should they choose your firm? Why are you better? They’ve clicked on your website, which is just like walking into a business. Make your case. Don’t be afraid to tell clients what you can do for them.

8) Add to your site regularly. At least monthly. This keeps it fresh and worth revisiting.

Clients rely on Devine Design to create websites that represent their business and help promote their services. Call on our years of website design experience and technical know-how to get your project up, running, and working hard for you!